Rivalry is great for racing- stop whinging

Rivalry is great for racing- stop whinging

Have we become sooks?

It seems whatever someone says offends someone and then we start the process of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Whatever happened to go old fashioned rivalry or sticks and stones may break my bones or grow up its only words.

Fair dinkum we need to grow a set.

Each organisation or company or individual has a right to promote their business or themselves and garnish the most exposure when doing so.

The Melbourne Cup is the biggest show in town each and every year attracting the interest of  those of us already involved in the sport but it also brings a wide ranging part of the community who have no interest in racing 364 days of the year to the sport for one day.

‘Just for one day’.

But it doesn’t mean the Victoria Racing Club or Racing Victoria own the day it’s just the day the Melbourne Cup is on.

RacingNSW took the opportunity to give its own juggernaut The Everest another boost by announcing a further prizemoney hike to the already astronomical $10 million up to $13 million on the day racing has its biggest audience, Melbourne Cup day.

So what?

They’d be mad if they didn’t.

And more to the point why shouldn’t they?

The attacks on RacingNSW and its CEO Peter V’landys for using Melbourne Cup day to promote The Everest were amazing and I think pathetic.

The knockers came from within racing and in lay the big problem that has plagued racing for the past three decades in that they don’t know what a gift horse is.

Huge audience looking at racing- right let’s not promote our product.

Come on.

It’s the logical day for racing to promote its biggest promotions or races or stars.

Why shouldn’t V’landys or the governing body in NSW take the opportunity when the most eyeballs of the year are looking to racing to let the masses know they have the richest race in the country and tell the audience to keep their eyes out next year for the second running of The Everest?

The Everest in its inaugural year did amazing job to build hype and momentum particularly amongst non-traditional racing folk.

That’s gotta be good for racing doesn’t it?

Of course it is.

Every state of origin series in rugby league you can mark your calendar the AFL will have a big announcement about something.

You can set your alarm by it and they’d be silly if they didn’t try to garnish some attention during a huge time for their competitor.

And don’t for one minute think NSW and Victorian racing aren’t in competition because they bloody well are and they should be.

Competition drives a better and more innovative industry and I am sure over the years I’ve seen promotion of some Victorian races during Sydney’s autumn carnival.



As a further note I did notice Dana McCauley writing across the country for www.news.com.au penned an article under the banner, RACING NSW Cleans up with its cheeky Cup-day campaign- here is part thereof,


“Media analysts believe Racing NSW has scored a marketing coup by attracting blanket media coverage for its announcement to ramp up prizemoney for Sydney’s prestigious new spring event The Everest on the day of the Melbourne Cup.”

Leveraging the rivalry between Sydney and Melbourne, a cheeky ad which accompanied the announcement to increase The Everest’s $10 million prize pool to $13m for next year’s race – more than double the Cup’s $6.2m — attracted radio, television and online coverage worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. IPG Mediabrands chief executive Danny Bass said the stunt garnered “a lot of publicity” for The Everest.

“It’s added a bit of longevity to The Everest brand,” Mr Bass said. “It hasn’t detracted from the Melbourne Cup and would probably reinforce what Melburnians think of the Sydneysider.”

A full-page ad highlighting the fact that The Everest — not the Melbourne Cup — was the nation’s richest turf race was the talk of the track at Flemington. In the hours before The Cup, news of the announcement was beamed into living rooms across the nation when Nine’s Today show aired a segment, while Melbourne’s top-rating 3AW talkback radio set tongues wagging when it picked up the story of the Sydney ambush.

Marketing expert Byron Sharp said Racing NSW had taken a risk by mentioning a rival brand in a campaign “but it can pay off in cases like this”.