NSW races to be Blacked OUT

NSW races to be Blacked OUT

Despite what has been reported and what you may believe NSW races won’t be shown on CrownBet if the merger between Tabcorp and Tatts Group goes ahead.

This is the firm conviction of Racing NSW CEO Peter V’landys.


CrownBet had opposed the $11 billion merger between Tabcorp and Tatts Group since it was announced last year but in a surprise move last week announced they will not stand in the way of the merger.


It’s been reported the reasoning behind the move by CrownBet in clearing the way for Tabcorp and Tatts Group is that Tabcorp will allow streaming of its Sky Racing channel’s 1 and 2 direct to CrownBet clients via mobile and personal computer.


I imagine CrownBet would see this as a huge win as they currently pay millions of dollars to the Victorian racing industry as do other bookmakers to stream its races and it’s a huge hit with their clients.


That announcement of SKY 1 and 2 being streamed to CrownBet must have rang alarm bells with every race club and governing body of gallops, dogs and trots around the country as the vision of the races is the clubs most valuable asset.


I know it did with RacingNSW CEO Peter V’landys.


“TAB only has a non-exclusive digital agreement and they cannot provide vision of NSW racing to anyone else without our written permission.

“Accordingly NSW has advised TAB that it will not give its permission for TAB to supply to Crown.

“This means NSW races will be blacked out when Sky 1 or Sky 2 is streamed to Crown” V’landys told Just Racing this week.


Media vision rights are a powerful and valuable asset to racing bodies and clubs as has been shown in the past decade through court battles and they will go to any length to protect their asset.


RacingNSW has shown its hand while I assume other racing bodies as with the trots and dogs will be checking their rights agreements to see where they stand with Tabcorp on selling or giving their vision to CrownBet.


Being able to watch races has a direct correlation to how much is wagered and I can tell you the racing industry knows the real worth of its vision and it isn’t cheap.


“Racing NSW agreed with William Hill that they would be the only Corporate bookmaker to be given NSW races.

“William Hill paid a premium to have this exclusivity. It would be bad faith on our part if this exclusivity was not provided” V’landys added.


Stay tuned as further meetings are expected in the coming days to iron out what races will be available to CrownBet and which ones will be blacked-out.


The merger’s final hurdle is a Supreme Court review and stamp of approval of the takeover deed set down for December 13. The merger would formally come into effect on December 22.