Sports Tipping

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Our NRL and AFL service is to our knowledge the most successful public service available. Our expert known as MR G used to play rugby league at a State level and has also coached at a state level and has numerous computer and financial degrees and is a certified genius.

However, as a sport Tragic he has been able to develop an approach very similar to the movie “MONEYBALL” that has seen him for the last 12 years show a 6 figure profit each year with his own betting and is now used as a consultant to some of the largest betting agencies in Australia.

Mr G though has a real focus on NRL and AFL and largely will bet in the points over and under option along with the line option.

And as an introductory offer to show we are 100% confident in MR G- we will provide $1,000 cash  back if you subscribe and don’t show a profit by years end betting to his exact advice. No other service will give you that assurance!!!!