Rosehill Garden Mounting Yard Report


The big talking point from racing all over Australia from the week end was the finish to the Kingston Town Classic for the ride of international jockey Douglas Whyte on runner up Scales Of Justice and the lack of vigour shown in the dying stages with social media exploding with criticism of the ride within moments of the horses crossing the line. Whyte has pleaded not guilty to the charge “for failing to ride his mount out to the end of the race “which in my opinion I can’t see how he can get fight the charge and win as whichever angle you view the footage he clearly stops riding his mount for a number strides prior to the post and then gives one last lunge on the line. Did it make the winning difference for Scales Of Justice or would Stratum Star still won? For what it is worth I believe that Scales Of Justice would have prevailed.


Douglas Whyte (pictured) has been the talk of the racing industry since getting beaten narrowly on Scales Of Justice in the Kingston Town Classic on Saturday at Ascot in Perth. (Photo Dan Costello)

What should have been the talking point of the week end was the comeback performance of the Bjorn Baker 3-year-old Winning Rupert which I considered the best win of the week end. Winning Rupert set a new track record but what must be considered when assessing the race is how slow Eagle Farm has raced since the new track was opened on Stradbroke Day so the track record in itself isn’t the talking point. It was the ease of the win and the fact he posted a time 2.5 lengths faster than the Open Class Group 3 Sprinters relative on the day. The opposition he meets will get a lot tougher than the field he trounced Saturday but the way he arrogantly won I believe the $500,000 Summer Crown bonus could go off in the first year it has been offered with Winning Rupert winning the first 3 legs before his biggest test on Magic Millions day.

Below is Matthew Howard’s weekly just racing mounting yard live report which you can also read live Matthew’s thoughts on his Facebook page each Saturday prior to the race to assist with backing winners each Saturday:

Rosehill Gardens: Australian Turf Club Saturday 03, December 2016

Race 1 - 12:40PM SCHWEPPES PLATE (1100 METRES)

  • 1. GOODFELLA – in reasonable order, drifting on course here but not playing up in the yard like others. (2nd)
  • 2. GAULOIS – Nice horse but he’s quite fresh and coltish in the yard. (3rd)
  • 3. PYMBLE – Strong Snitzel colt that has good skin on him. Should race well. (4th)
  • 4. TREKKING – nice put together type. Has some growing to do to come into his frame but looks forward and ready to race. (1st)
  • 5. ALL TO READY – Will improve with this run, still quite big. Strong type though. (5th)
  • 6. HERRERA – Tall, athletic type, fit but doing a few things wrong in the yard. Needs to focus more and looking for further. (6th)


  • 1. SUSPENDERS - scratched
  • 2. FANNING - Scratched
  • 3. BRULEE – in good order, looks fit and relaxed. (7th)
  • 4. CALANDA – nice strong horse, still has improvement to come but great mover. (3rd)
  • 5. PIPELINE – still carrying fair bit of condition and is getting slightly warm. (1st)
  • 6. BRATISLAVA – in good order today and should be in the finish. (2nd)
  • 7. INVINCIBLE AL - scratched
  • 8. MONTREAL – Cracking type, great in the skin however is getting warm here. (5th)
  • 9. PHUKET – lovely horse type wise. A chance at big odds. (6th)
  • 10. CUDABEEN – in good order, strong filly has definitely matured since I saw her last. (4th)


  • 1. TIGER BY THE TALE – strong gelding in good order. Best I’ve seen him parade. Expect to run well. (3rd)
  • 2. DENY ALLCHARGES – strong type, just fair in the coat today. (4th)
  • 3. ABSOLUTE RIPPER – By name only, parades awfully. (2nd)
  • 4. OAKFIELD TIME – come on slightly since last start, good in the coat. (6th)
  • 5. KANERUPT – in good order today, no major issues in the yard. (9th)
  • 6. FICKLE FOLLY - scratched
  • 7. VIXEN LASS – scratched
  • 8. UNDER THE EAVES – can spot at least 4 negatives from this horse. No. (7th)
  • 9. FLASH IN THE DARK – Needs another run. (5th)
  • 10. YAMA MAGIC - scratched
  • 11. CLASSIC CONQUEST - scratched
  • 12. VENUS AMORIS - scratched
  • 13. ISLA TRISTANA – Clear on top selection here. In great order and by far the best mover. (1st)
  • 14. ILTEXTYA – Should have stayed in Canberra, many issues and then some. (8th)


  • 1. IMPOSING LASS – Late scratching
  • 2. HETTY HEIGHTS – retuned in great order. Great in the coat, looks forward and moving particularly well. (5th)
  • 3. HARLEM LADY – Good residual fitness. (6th)
  • 4. DEE NINE ELLE – Quite warm and coat has a lot of improvement to come. (1st)
  • 5. NUDIERUDIE – Fantastic, best this horse has ever looked. Looks like a different horse in the yard. (2nd)
  • 6. TREE OF JESSE – OK, but would prefer a bit more give in the ground for her. (7th)
  • 7. YUMA DESSERT – Holding condition. Hasn’t improved but hasn’t trained off yet. (3rd)
  • 8. PAINTED FIRETAIL – much better in the coat today than prior start. (4th)
  • 9. PIENKNA - scratched
  • 10. THELITTLERACKETEER - scratched
  • 11. HEARTLINGS - scratched


  • 1. PAINTE – very good order today. Should run well. (4th)
  • 2. REINCARNATE – best mover in the yard. (7th)
  • 3. AVONACO – he is getting warm and showing some negative signs late. (11th)
  • 4. PERFECT DARE – parades awfully. Going to pieces. (2nd)
  • 5. ZIGGY WILLIE – In good order today, expect strong run at decent price. (1st)
  • 6. STAR WARS – remember this horse from his earlier days in town. Always had time for him. Strong gelding moving well. (3rd)
  • 7. WILD ‘N’ FAMOUS - scratched
  • 8. ISORICH – parades best this preparation. At top of game now. (6th)
  • 9. ELEMENOHPEE – Again parades poorly, doing many things wrong in the yard. (9th)
  • 10. REALISE POTENTIAL – Good in the skin and relaxed and focused. (5th)
  • 11. RED EXTENSION – Others parading much better. (8th)
  • 12. SALMANAZAR – Massive horse, love to see his feed bill. No knocks. (10th)


  • 1. SHIRAZ – a really great mover, coat is exceptional. 90% fit. (10th)
  • 2. THAT’S A GOOD IDEA - scratched
  • 3. DIDNTCOSTALOT – Displays negatives behaviors. (11th)
  • 4. HUSSON EAGLE – Getting worked up today. No. (12th)
  • 5. KURO – At peak fitness now and looks great in the coat. (1st)
  • 6. BACHMAN – top selection here. In great order. Expecting a great race. (5th)
  • 7. BROOK ROAD – Always been a nice type, no major issues today. (7th)
  • 8. INZ’N’OUT – Has improvement to come in his coat. (4th)
  • 9. SUPREME EFFORT – Nice big strong horse, in good order and relaxed. (6th)
  • 10. MR MANHATTAN – 100% fit, not an ounce of fat on this horse. (8th)
  • 11. WHISKEY ALLROUND – Again not focused in the mounting yard. Off his game. (9th)
  • 12. PRINCEFAMOUS – not as big as the others but does look fit and focused. (3rd)
  • 13. NIETA – fitness wise she is in good order and is moving well. (2nd)

Race 7 - 4:20PM ATC CUP (2000 METRES)

  • 1. MIGHTY LUCKY – looks a miler at best to me. (10th)
  • 2. INDEX LINKED – Doesn’t look interested. (7th)
  • 3. CLOSING BELL – coat good but getting warm late. (13th)
  • 4. MALICE – in great order today. Maps poorly but horse looks well. (1st)
  • 5. BEYOND THANKFUL – Not parading well which is not unusual for this horse. (2nd)
  • 6. DESTINY’S KISS – Lean, needs sting out of the ground. (4th)
  • 7. LADY LE FAY – I’ve seen this horse parade better. (6th)
  • 8. REFULGENT - scratched
  • 9. IGGI POP – peak fitness now and should race well. (3rd)
  • 10. FALKENBERG – parades very well today and moving perfectly in the yard. (5th)
  • 11. DANCE OF HEROES – should run well today. In great order and very relaxed. (12th)
  • 12. NOT A GYPSY – parading well again today. Has looked well all this preparation, strong gelding. (11th)
  • 13. REIBY THE RED – looking light and not behaving himself today. (8th)
  • 14. THE BULL – again displaying negatives in the yard. Not as bad as last start but needs a spell in my opinion. (9th)


  • 1. AMOVATIO – nice horse this and glad it’s back in Sydney. Should run well today. (4th)
  • 2. FAMOUS SEAMUS – Others parading better. (10th)
  • 3. NINTH LEGION – Not as focused today, lost interest? (7th)
  • 4. RED EXCITEMENT – warm and not moving well. (3rd)
  • 5. REGEESE – Looks light, not for me. (9th)
  • 6. RELIGIFY - scratched
  • 7. MARENOSTRO – needs more sting out to be competitive. (12th)
  • 8. PAJARO – in very good order and can be followed. (6th)
  • 9. HAZZABEEL – warm and not focused, no. (2nd)
  • 10. FOREIGN PRINCE – much better today than last start but still improvement to come. (11th)
  • 11. BERRY DELICIOUS – needs wet. (8th)
  • 12. EXTENSIBLE – in great physical order. Should run very well. (5th)
  • 13. SWEET REDEMPTION – I’ve seen this horse parade better than today even though it gets a soft lead with Religify coming out. (1st)
  • 14. DUCA VALENTINOIS - scratched

Race 9 - 5:40PM TAB HANDICAP (1500 METRES)

  • 1. DUCA VALENTINOIS – Parades both physically and mentally well. Moving better today. Should be competitive. (4th)
  • 2. JUST A BLUR – strong mare who always parades reasonably well. Can spot couple of small negatives. (7th)
  • 3. CAUTHEN’S POWER – good improvement between runs but getting little worked up. (6th)
  • 4. METALLIC CROWN – Hard to catch this horse but generally does everything right in the mounting yard and today is no different. (9th)
  • 5. REDOUTABLE HEART – Looks much better today. Was warm and dull in the coat last start, much better today. (1st)
  • 6. COL ‘N’ LIL – Parades like it’s looking for further. (10th)
  • 7. KINGS OFFICER - scratched
  • 8. SIR PLUSH – Parades without fault. Should run well. (2nd)
  • 9. FINAL DECISION - scratched
  • 10. QUICK DEFENCE – This horse has actually gone backwards since its first up run. Not carrying a lot of condition. Small tracks and sting out would suit this horse better. (8th)
  • 11. WINE ‘N’ DINE – Best it’s looked this preparation. Top 3 chance for sure. (5th)
  • 12. BLENDWELL - scratched
  • 13. MORE THAN FABULOUS – Got a lot of time for this horse. Half a run short and needs a bit more give in the ground. (3rd)