Buy Me A Beer Award... By Tommy From Campbelltown

A screenshot of the advert used to promote the upcoming Everest.

A screenshot of the advert used to promote the upcoming Everest.

Hi Fans and Punters,

It has been a big week in racing with Winx winning on Monday, Corey Brown pipping Hugh Bowman in the Group 1 yesterday and various other things filling the racing section of newspapers.

I myself have been in Adelaide helping my good mate Josh Cartwright out with his inquiry and I would like to pay a special thanks to Johan Petzer and his panel of stewards over there for the way in which they dealt with his case. Very compassionate, very sensitive and very professional. Thanks also to all the people at Rydges who made my stay so comfortable and my driver Marie, great lady.

I was all set to give the Award this week to Willie Pike. He rode 8 winners in 2 days, but then I thought, hang on a minute Tommy, he does that every week. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

So, whilst literally thinking about this week's winner, I happened to glance up at the screen which was on one of Skyfloat's channels, and saw what I thought was a cartoon or some type of ad to get little kids involved in racing. It was in fact a serious attempt by someone to promote the new race at Randwick.....The Mountain......The Steep Hill......oh that's right, The Everest.....which is not for another 8 months!!!

You will no doubt see it thousands of times over the next 236 days until the race jumps, but it involves a cartoon of a horse and jockey who slowly make their way up a steep hill, presumably Mt. Everest, and after sliding down a couple of ravines or whatever they call those downhill bits, the pair somehow inch their way to the summit, whatever the bit at the top is called, and then some cartoon money rains down on them. During the cartoon, we are informed of the entry fee into the race, out of my bracket, and how the rich people that can afford the entry fee can then on-sell their spot in the race presumably at a profit. So we have a 10 million dollar race with a $4 commercial.

 It is seriously that bad and has attracted some funny reactions on social media including:

"The Everest ad was made by an 8 year old on a mini I-pad."

" I don't know what is worse, the ad itself or the people that approved it."

And my sister Emma Freedman didn't miss when she tweeted "the worst I've ever seen, how can people get excited when the marketing is so bad."

It truly is terrible and it can only be hoped that it is not stuffed down our throats for the next 8 months like some of those cringeworthy TAB ads with blokes singing "I will love you always." Or that annoying bloke cashing out to avoid the quaddie killer after he has taken a quaddie which has been reduced by the TAB's 20% take out and then subjected to a further 9% rounding down.

So the Award this week goes to the person who came up with this lunacy. A poor imitation of a Mr. Magoo cartoon accompanied by music from the 60's.

So whoever you are, I don't want you to buy me a beer, I want you to go to the pub, buy yourself 15 beers, and when you sober up, give yourself an uppercut, apologise for this rubbish and then, and only then, will I let you buy me a beer.

Until next week this has been Tommy from Campbelltown.....signing off.

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