Luke Murrell Yearly Horse Racing Selections

Do you spend hours scouring the papers and form guides but still can’t find any winners?

  • Tired of finishing on the wrong side of the ledger when you punt?
  • Tired of wasting all of your time doing the form for no result?
  • Sick of the backslappers and urgers with all of the inside stable mail that doesn’t win?

Imagine having access to a system which told you what to back at the right price to back it without hours of research. Sound good?

Well Luke Murrell’s Horse Racing Selections
is that very system for you!

Luke’s service has been running nearly two decades – and has returned a profit every year!!!!! Which is why we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, but more about this later…

We understand the challenges facing many punters trying to make betting both enjoyable and profitable:

  • Too many bets;
  • Chasing the losses of your hard earned money;
  • Not enough spare time to devote to studying the form to make your selections;
  • Not to mention those tips from mates with the supposed “sure thing” that rarely if ever come home.

Every punter will tackle these challenges at some stage in their betting lives.

If you’re serious about betting successfully then being professional with how you manage your punting is absolutely vital.

With Luke Horse Selections you are being provided with the information used by professional punters who make a serious money each year on their betting.

This is a product for those punters who are not naïve enough to think they can win every week. The mindset of a professional punter is one in which they are patient and understand that to profit from punting you need to be comfortable playing the long game, manage your money and your emotions!

The professional punter rides the peaks and troughs. They often go weeks or months without a win and their profits stagnate but they are ok with that…. WHY?

Because each one of the professionals we employ are exceptional at their job and in the last 18 years not one of them has failed to profit during a 12 month period!

When you think about it- it’s pretty amazing statistic!!!

Our record and that of the other external experts we use speaks for itself!!!!!

That MONEY BACK GUARANTEE mentioned earlier – if you follow the Luke Murrell Horse Selection guidelines to the letter each betting day and lose over a 12 month period from January 1 through to December 31 we will  refund you $1,000!!!

But this is something that hasn’t been required in the last 19 years.

Why use Luke Murrell’s Horse Selection method?

  • An easy to follow system that saves you time and comes with a proven track record.
  • 19 years of straight profits
  • Our money back guarantee…. What do you have to lose with our MONEY BACK GUARANTEE?

And as an introductory offer to show we are 100% confident in Luke’s Murrell’s Horse Selections we will give you a money back offer of $1,000!!!!! If you don’t finish in front by December 31 we give you $1,000 cash back!!!

You can opt out at any time without penalty however this isn’t for someone wanting “to see how it goes”. This product is suited for those who want to approach their punting like a professional!