Horse racing tips and best bet Bendigo 3/6/17

Horse racing tips and best bet Coffs Harbour 3/6/17
June 3, 2017
Horse racing tips and best bet Adelaide River 3/6/17
June 3, 2017

Selections for Bendigo gallops Saturday.

Track is rated a soft 5:


Race 1: Lady Myers, Cubby, Bellaria, The Wild Wild West


Race 2: Booradley, Zanahary, Accelerato, Pimms O’Clock


Race 3: Royal Rebel, Dash For May, Alluring Miss, Strathbyrne


Race 4: Kapara, Mostert, Zoot Suit Riot, Jack Henry


Race 5: Grey Silk, Havana Haymaker, Johnny Dowry, Shez Ektraordinary


Race 6: Enigman, Easy Flyer, Carraig Aonair, Palma Merenti


Race 7: Mathison, Celestial Freddie, Redwood Gardens, Johnny Yuma


Race 8: Reigning In Paris, Caves, Our Elliott, Bian Hard


BEST BET: Enigman


AAP SELECTIONS: Stephen Rodgers